Saturday, November 24, 2012

Treaty of Westfailure and the Egghünt

The Bishopric of Egghünt is a small land of approximately seventy thousand souls, although nominally Cataholic and part of the Wholly Roman Empire the population is a mix of religions and ethnicity's, amongst the most prevalent of these newer arrivals and by far the largest in number are the Hugenose.  The exodus of the Hugenose from Fronsay persecution is well documented, the populations of many German lands including those of Hesse-Kassoulet and the Tittanmuff being supplemented by their numbers. Also well documented is the Treaty of Westfailure which when drawn up guaranteed a place of safety within the Empire for the Hugenose diaspora, with guaranteed self rule.  This was to be made good on extingiushment of a ruling line on a land belonging to the Empire.

Whether this covenant covering the Hugenose within the treaty was agreed to in good faith by The Wholly Roaming Empire at the time we may never know. One would not find it hard to imagine  that the Emperor and his advisers may never have envisioned the event taking place, however that is purely speculation. What is not speculation is the Hugenose's signed the treaty in good faith and expect it to be honoured if and when the situation arose. Many of the Hugenose diaspora having settled and prospered in the North of Europe still long for the day when they may have a land to call their own, a land of wine and patisseries. Houlalaaaaa.

It is with this introduction that I, your humble chronicler, now share the events of a council held in the Royal Schloss in Uppendufsk this very day.

The IKEA council minutes

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