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Rudolph Dascher Hansuppen II
A minor noble gone wild in his youth. His mother a Hesse noble his father is said to be the ne'er do well Swedish Prince Putchyar Hansuppen in the court of the Swedish King and former the Landgraf of Hesse-Cassoulet. He was in Hesse as an administrator to the provinces of the Landgraf. Rumours persist that Hansuppen was none other than the  King of Sweden, incognito, over looking the running of his inheritance. Rudolph II was a wild and adventurous man in his youth he spent much time travelling the Korkuses, Orient and Turkoman Empire and maintains close contacts with families in those regions. His private Schlosse is said to resemble a Persian palace on the inside. His rule has brought prosperity and relative peace to Hesse Cassoulet and his army of spy's, envoy's, diplomat's and assassins ensures it stays that way.

Viktoria Ellen Hansuppen
A woman of character and determination. She comes from a distinguished and noble family, although not wealthy they can trace their lineage to the first crusade. The title of Raugrafin was presented to her at birth as one of the last remaining family lands to be shared out between a large family. Initially thought to be worthless ze Tittanmuff, under careful rule, has proved to generate income enough to support her remaining siblings. She married Rudolph and tamed him before he was made Landgraf and Erzherzog, insisting he did not have to go out drinking, brawling and whoring every night, twice a week should suffice.  It is said she is acute, shrewd and calculating but warm and kind hearted also and runs the Landgraviates trade and treasury with skill.

Prinzess Hellina Adelaide
2nd Sister. A woman of sense, taste and great beauty, strangely no-one can actually describe her appearance with anything approaching accuracy even though she attends most of our routine maque balls? Like all of the Landgrafs siblings she is likely to have different father, only one person knows for sure. The Prinzess was one of the first women to train at the University of Brandyburg with degrees in diplomacy and drama. Appointed founding head of Hesse-Kassoulet's Inter-european Korp for Espionne and Asassination (IKEA)  by her brother Rudolph II upon her return from Prussia, Hellina with her younger brother Phillup III holds one the two most trusted positions in the court. On her 18th birthday she was made Princess Hellina Adelaide of Munchenteabags a mountainous province of Hesse-Kassoulet and Governs the mineral rich stadt with aplomb.

ErbPrinz Joachim Beegutt
1st Brother. Like the Landgraf the Erbprinz was given a rudimentary education before joining the military college at Postdam. He proved to be a natural warrior, having served with the Prussian army, Austerian army, Gallic army and the army of Perfidious Albion and on each and every occasion he fought bravely. Unfortunately with each and every army he served with he was found kanoodling with a much senior officers daughter, wife or mother. To settle (save) his brother the Landgraf  granted Joachim a senior command with the army as General of Brigade. Joachim's Brigade spends most of it's time out of country as fighting as hired units and to help boost the countries coffers  ......and to protect the woman folk of Hesse-Kassoulet. On his 16th birthday the Landgraf made his brother Erbprinz Joachim Beegutt of Badswallowback. The Raugraffin immediately offered one of her trusted advisers manage the estates for him, "poor fellow, you must be exhausted with all that fighting let me help you out with the running of your Kreis" she insisted, her eyes turning steel grey.

Prinzess Luna
1st Sister. Not much is really known about the Prinzess Luna, she is not a private person or indeed isolated we simply do not know, to say she is a free spirit would not be understating the fact. However having said as much she has had a great influence over her younger brother the Landgraf. Under her guidance the Landgraf has licensed the felling unrestricted felling of trees, banned open hunting during the spring and maintained a system of clean water ways. On ascession to the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassoulet she met with her brother and declined any territories of her own instead asking permission to be granted a small estate in the Tittanmuff Forest to which the Raugraf, her closest friend, happily agreed. The Prinzess can often be found walking in the forests, hills and pastures or swimming in the lakes and streams with a small frazzled looking retinue following at a distance. When visiting the Palace here in Uppendufsk she is more likely to be found in the kitchens or gardens than the parlours or drawingrooms.