Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hear ye hear ye

It has been some time since I last chronicled the comings and goings of the populace of Hesse Kassoulet this has been due to unduly long bout of the dreaded conniptions. With the somewhat dubious council of the apothecary and his accomplice the surgeon this now well on it's way to being under control and hopefully a full recovery will be not far down the path.

I'm please to say that while your erstwhile chronicler has been laid low the royal family departed for the Grand Tour, machinations both evil and righteous were put on hold while the cultural centres of Europe were to play host to the Hessiansacken court.

With wine supplies in Vienna, Venice, Rome, Catalonia and Madrid reaching critically low levels The Erzherzog has decided to round up the strays and make for Uppendufsk. Not before time as the lesser nobles and ministers entrusted with running the day to day comings and goings have taken to making the, as they say in Fronsay, parteee or more properly a 24 hour soirée of an increasingly debauched kind. Now that in itself is not uncommon when the Erzherzog is in residence but in his absence taking time out to sober up, wash and take care of affairs of state are being all but forgot!

Moving on to other business, the Odd Fellows War Games Lounge which has been long suffering in my absence is now undergoing emergency first aid.  I invite you all to pop over and take a look, perhaps you might consider joining us particularly if your a lapsed member,  those who can't remember their password need only get in touch via the "contact us" link and I will reset passwords once I verify your bonafides (don't worry it is painless procedure). I particularly like to extend the invitation to EvE members.



  1. *Great* to have you back: cheers!

  2. Thanks JL, good to see you keeping the faith with the Odd Fellows, very pleasing.

  3. Lovely artwork, Dave. Best, Dean