Thursday, November 15, 2012

Raugraffin in a Tizzy

With her new troops due to arrive any day from Minden, the Erzherzogin Viktoria Ellen Raugraffin of the Tittanmuff realised that supplies for uniforms had not been ordered, gott un himmel! She immediately summoned Herr Schweingutz, the royal tailor, to make all haste and order cloth and leather and start working on some preliminry sketches, needless to say the rotund Schweingutz put himself to the task with something nearly approaching fervor, well as close as is possible for a jolly portly gent can get to fervor.

Herr Schweingutz off to collect bolts of calico for the new troops coats, whipped into a frenzy by the Raugraffin
Some preliminary sketches have been prepared, what on earth, a black coat! Now that is a bit of a surprise. Does the Erzherzog know of this, will he care, I have no idea......


  1. I see blue coats :)
    As a first thought, a black coat would fit better a regiment of Hesse-Hesse than one of Hesse-Kassoulet.

  2. Photography is a very archaic art in these times requiring a great deal more alchemy and wishful thinking than science and engineering :-p

  3. I quite look of the black coat and the "archiac art" look is quite effective as well.

    Blury nice to see.