Friday, July 06, 2012

Wholly Roman Empire - Expansion ? updated 30 July

News has reached Uppendufsk of a disturbing nature. Whilst the Raugraviate of our beloved Erzherzogin re-organises it's military into a smaller more professional force The wholly Roman Emporer raises levies in Lower Rhine and Frakonian Kreis. Will the evil emperor take advantage of our weakened situation and launch a strike at the very heart of true Hesse? Or will he order the year be spent teaching his press ganged army their left from their right whilst the officers search for working muskets.

1st draftee of the "Wholly Frankonian Ring" forces

Currently outfittng, does the musket work?

New recruits for the Imperial forces grist mill, it saddens us to see our brothers take up arms in the name of the Empire. No doubt those smelly Hesse Darnsoxstadter's have a hand in this!

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye

New sketches by our infamous court artist, ladies man and master spy Monsieur Metrelong. Frankenstonesh Kreis on the move


  1. You can be sure that the vile Stagonians are in some way behind this as well.

    -- Jeff

    1. Why those Stagonians, sneaky little shits! Why do they conspire so? Why wont they let my Erzherzog relieve them from the tyranous yoke of the Imperialists and their Paper-sea...

      ...and expand our borders a bit :-]

  2. His Majesty de St. Maurice's complements and hopes that you fare well in all your endeavors against a nefarious and vile germanic emperor, and....
    ...mon dieu, but you are also germanic n'est pas? Ah well, not all are perfect. Try to survive anyway. Nice mini. Who makes it. - Mike

    1. It is a tricky business balancing which Jerry is fighting with whom, why they dont they see sense and fight with my uncle Frederick instead of relatives of the vile Fronsay's or Wholly Roman Empire.

      I'm told they are foundry, perhaps an early iteration?

  3. I just need a clarification of dates. You see, the Wholly Romantic Emperor Violoncello dies at a great age in 1740, to be succeeded in the government at least of the Archduchies of Trockenbeeren and Auslese by his elder daughter Harmonica.

    Of course, he had intended that she be recognised throughout Europia as Wholly Romantic Empress, and had interested parties sign up to the Prudential Sanction to ensure this, in a departure from Salic Law. Of course, several of the signatories, notably the Elector Draco of Altmark-Uberheim, reneged...

    So, when talking of the Wholly Romantic Emperor, do we refer to Emperor Violoncello, Empress Harmonica, or an ambitious upstart from some vile kingdom, electorate or Grand Duchy? Or are we talking some alternative or fantasy world here? :-)

    If indeed something is afoot in Europia, Violoncello or Harmonica will no doubt be taking a close interest in events...

    1. My iNation is full of ambitious upstarts that need a good spanking my brother Duke. I have no doubt that they are related to the treacherous Wholly Romantic duo, all of which must be constrained for the benefit of Europia and her citizens.