Monday, July 30, 2012

Erzherzogin's recruits arrive

From Minden no less, what a march!

What was Herr Farbenschwein  thinking? He must have misread the Erzherzogins directions as to the uniform.  Pale yellow, Gott un Himmel!

Yes, these tasty Jaeger will have their hands full in the wilds of the Raugraviate....... will the Hussars, the Tattanmuff forest is no place for anything but light cavalry.

These amazons were recruited all the way from China via Prussia, could explain the slighter build when compared to a true Hesse Kassoulet Frau.


  1. The 3D Minis quasi-Sandras are a little on the small side: in a "28mm" setting,Princessinjugen maybe? Cadettes? They would be precious for "1/72" Imagi-Nation creators, but the marketing policy is abysmal (1 single musket-bearing 'private' for each officer, standard-bearer and drummer).

    1. The packaging of the musketiers will certainly need looking into JL, I think it wont take long for 3D to realise their par méprise (?) if customers point out the obvious.

      They measure up surprisingly well against 28mm figures for 20mm! Debutant artillerists.

  2. Jungfrauen Leibstandarte of Prinzessin Mayonnaise?