Friday, June 29, 2012

New Recruits

Word has it that new recruits are mustering at Minden for the short march to Kassoulet and then on to der Tittanmuff To join the Raugraviate forces. It has also been revealed that a regiment of Hussars are being formed for her majesty. All we need now is for der Faberschwein  to find time to outfit them.

They look like some likely lads, fit for a fray!


  1. Aye, sir. They do look very much like "likely lads" at that.

    -- Jeff

    1. Indeed indeed, I believe these fellows from Hainault will make fine recruits for the Erzherzogins Army of the Tittanmuff. And may one ask as to your recovery, speedy I hope? Rumour has has it that one was wounded in the posterior whilst boar hunting, very unpleasant those tusks. A cushion of the finest silk stuffed with the softest down a thousand vestal maidens could muster is on it's way.