Monday, January 09, 2012

A fleeting visit to Hesse-Cassoulet

Hot on the heels of our visit by Marshal Tall'lard came the Fronsay Marshal Vile Lars (Vile by name vile by nature), he was somewhat miffed to have missed his brother officer. It is rumoured Tall'Lard left Paree with debts owed and the chastity of Marshal Vile Lars' younger daughter.

Bon jour I have come for that scoundrel
Tall Lard I hear he may be found here
All This has caused much merriment in the Capitol, a Gallic temper tantrum is quite an amusement. After speaking with the Landgraf and receiving no joy and getting nothing from the courtiers he briefly spoke with me your Chronicler. 

No,.... no never heard of this Marshal Tall'lard, perhaps you
could describe him Monsieur Vile Lars
 Rumor has it the pretty young thing lost her Chastity at last years October Masque Ball while visiting here in Uppendufsk, none of our royal personages deemed it necessary to pass this information on, most of them were involved. Monsieur Vile'Lars was last seen making dust in the direction of Handover, good riddance they deserve him.

Adieu I make haste for Handover
Handover, goodness what or who gave him that idea? I'm quite sure I don't know anyone in Handover. I wonder where Tall'lard really is.

pssst Izzak, has he left yet?


  1. nice PP, a grand addition to the ranks of your scoundrels hmmm army!

  2. Recruiting is at an all time low due to concentrating on my tailoring technique to lead people, in 2011. Quality over quantity. And my heart playing silly buggers with me.

    Scale is still an issue as well I cant afford biggish armies at 28mm maybe enough for small chance encounters. So 5's or 15's for bigger engagements, dunno? Possibly some proxy gaming while recruiting is a possibility.