Friday, January 06, 2012

Bowing and Scrapping

The annual Hedonist Christmas and Debauched New Years Balls have come and gone, the last of the visiting Royal Families have dragged their naked bodies in from the snow covered avenues and are preparing themselves for the trip home. The Streets are quiet once more, and I your chronicler have a chance to beg forgiveness for not keeping you updated as to the comings and goings of Hesse-Cassoulet. This has been a serious error and one I'm keen to make amends on, our victorious Battalions recovering in Schumburg-Lispe wintered there and luckily were able to take control of the situation on the mysterious death of Count Wilhelm. The CO of the small force the Landgrafs younger brother Joachim consolled Count Wilhelm's beautiful young widow and vowed to stay in the Buckeburg Schloss to protect her. I hear the bed there is very soft and that the widow needs much comforting!

The Swedish engineers have completed the rebuilding of the canal system and trade flows once more to our neighbours in the North on the Balsamic Ocean and Westward through Fronsay and the Anglish Chunnel, this is good news for everyone. Unfortunately the reformation of the army continues at a slow pace, with the canal network having lowered the Hesse Cassoulet coffers considerably. This proved to be good news for Herr FarberSchwien as the conniption fit he suffered earlier in the year turned into the palpitations, he was in no state to equip and uniform the new recruits.

Hot on the heels of our visit by Marshal Tall'Lard came the Fronsay Marshal Vile Lars, I wonder what he wants?


  1. Indeed your absence has been noted and much regretted, sir.

    We welcome you back and look forward to reading many posts in the coming weeks.

    -- Jeff

  2. Great to read from Hesse-Cassoulet again!
    The first note of the New Year is *deliciously* 'in character': looking eagerly forward to enjoy the next instalment!

    Best wishes,

  3. "The annual Hedonist Christmas"
    Yes, here also we know what you mean...

    "[] have dragged their naked bodies in from the snow."
    ¿? Brrrrrrr!! Do you abide to the harsh tradition of sauna? There are many naked bodies to be seen in Monte-Cristo, but *only* when the weather is fine and warm enough (that is, some 340 days in the year): in the deep of winter Monte-Cristan go out heavily, warmly dressed!

  4. @ Jeff - Glad to be back. We hope to be regularly updating the notice boards here in Hesse Cassoulet.

    @ abdul - Monte Cristo looks like any weekday evening here in Hess Cassoulet :-]