Saturday, June 18, 2011

Artillerists and a visitor from Louis

Apologies for not keeping my loyal followers up to date with the machinations of Hesse Cassoulet, let it be said all is peaceful and the reformation of our army progresses albeit slowly. Unfortunately Paint Pig (Farbenschewein) and his alter ego have been busy with 'some sort alternative reality' limiting my ability to keep you informed.

Artillerist uniform has been delivered by Herr Schweingutz not fully complete, however a reasonable sample.

This fine looking chap was drafted from Eurekas WAS range, and has signed up with the Hesse Cassoulet forces for the minimum draft period of 15 years and the right of citizen ship after 10 years service, pay of florin a month and free uniform, food and board, generous terms indeed!

The Fronsay Marshall Duc Tall Lard paid visit to Uppendufsk and his Benevolence the Erzherzog at the end of June. The purpose of the visit was to examine progress of our military reforms and give voice to any shortfalls in training. Me thinks the mid winter ball and and associated minimally clothed subsequent chamber parties may have taken priority in the Marshall's thinking. The Marshall posed for preliminary sketches and some fine oil on canvas images have resulted to mark his visit to Hesse Cassoulet.

More news From Hess Cassoulet soon.

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