Friday, April 15, 2011

More SYW Uniforms and a BIG gun

Well, one really. I nearly had two but not quite so for the moment we must content ourselves with the sartorial elegance which is IR 6 Grenadiers of Hesse uniform, here being modelled by an over active chap..........
 ......dashing here.........

...............running there!

Another piece of artillery has been delivered to the artillery grounds for trials and acceptance which should be academic, after all it is 100 years younger than Hesse Cassoulet's heavy guns.

A couple of Frenchies proving it works, before they hand it over. Hmm, looks like their uniforms are not quite finished either?



  1. Great little figures. Love the guns (what manufacturer?). That grenadier could prove to be just as dangerous with his head as with his musket if he simply flexed his neck forward a bit more. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks mike

    gun is a foundry wss piece 24 or 12 lb-er, they were having a clean out 30% off, it's the only time I can afford foundry.

    It's a whopper of a cap isnt it LOL but the figure looks pretty keen to get into the action, I really like em.