Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Badswallowback Fusiliers get a uniform

Herr Schweingutzen has delivered his second uniform.  A nicely tailored ensemble that no fusilier could refuse, the much awaited uniform of IR2 Prinz Pumpernickel's Badswallowback Fusiliers.

This is the senior fusilier regiment currently based in County Schumberg resting after saving Schumberg-Lipz from a protracted war with Spongeheim. The regiment was in the heat of battle and is reported to having fired at least 3 volleys during the campaign.

As is so often the case the campaign moved to a conclusion when it was realised the Hesse Cassoulet battalions prefer "going in" with the bayonet. Both Schumberg-Lipz and Spongeheim realised there could be actual casualties and immediately started negotiations, no doubt to resume hostilities at the same time next year, as they have done annually for the last 13 years.

your faithful chronicler


  1. Good-looking indeed, if a little 'traditional'.
    200% personal, but when seen 'en masse', would not the regiment look a little less 'sad' (and a little less Prussian') with white gaiters? Dark gaiters tend to 'darken' and 'dim' the uniform, when the unit is seen as a whole from a distance.

  2. You just gotta love those mindens....

  3. @ abdul. Thankyou. I thought they looked less Prussian in black gaitors, from what I usually see prussians are quite often painted with white leggings, but as you said it is personal tast.

    @ Cap'n Bill. I love the French Mindens but am not so hot on these fusiliers, Im not sure what it is but something is amiss, I think the legs might be too short and the face detail isnt quite there. Observations from painting the blighters, still look prety good though, at least their not fat heads! lol