Monday, March 28, 2011

New Artillery Piece Has Arrived

There is much activity at the Royal Artillery Grounds and Barracks here in Uppendufsk.  The word is the a new light artillery piece has arrived and the artillerists are keen to be trialling their gun. No word on when this will happen as foreign experts in the laying of artillery are yet to arrive and begin the training.

There is much jockeying for position and favours being called in to buy commissions in the artillery park now that the rumoured new guns are a reality. From now on Hesse Cassoulets will do more damage to the enemy than our own sons.

For further details on the assembling of the weapon by the finest artillery makers in all the lands of Hesse Cassoulet visit Das alt Schweingutzen (aka Paint Pig), the link is in the sidebar in all it's pomposity!

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