Friday, January 13, 2012

Call For Recruits Filled

The call for recruits for  the establishment of the 1st regiment of the Raugraviate von ze Tittanmuff, The Erzherzogin Victoria Ellen Guard Infantry is complete. The conscripts have made their way from Eurekasburg arriving here at Uppendufsk for initial drill training and fitting out, and from here transit to the Raugraviate for further training in the dark forests of the Tittanmuff. Only the fittest and most steadfast have been selected for this regiment. A cadre made up of some of the strongest sawyers and woodcutters the forests themselves have to offer have already been undergoing training to act as the Erzherzogin's personal guard and will meet up with the new recruits on their arrival to ze Tittanmuff. The Erzherzog himself inspected the recruits on arrival, after the inspection he gave them a short speach on what is expected of them as a Guard Regiment and one bearing his beloved Viktoria Ellen's name and promised the training will be hard and gruelling and that they will be expected to fight even harder  if they ever come to battle.

Your Kronicler understands from sources in Eurekasburg that 1 out of every 4 applicants for the regiment was rejected, those accepted having proved themselves in previous engagements on the continent and further affield. From what I could glimpse of the training fields from the palace towers they looked a fine a body of trainees and the execution of drill and training was indeed ferocious.

The Raugraffin is at this moment consulting with Herr Fabenschwein as to the uniform and accoutrement for her new Regiment and will not view them until their training is completed at which time she will present them with their colours and become officilly become the regiments inhaber (sp?). The court artist Francois Metrelong is expected back from his engagements in Beerstein within the week to commence the design work and making of the said colours.

Your Kronicler


  1. Would not at least a subunit of 'Sandras' from Eurekasburg be specially fitting for the Raugraffin 's own regiment?

  2. JL -I must ask Nic for a sample of the cavalry I'm very interested to see what they're like. The guy that commissioned the range lives in a country town about 1.5 hour drive from where I live, not so far in Australian terms. I wonder if he wants a game? :-)

  3. Actually, to be totally honest... given that servicing the guns was rather exhausting, as soon as the weather was fine the crew dropped the great coat in action. Thus the color of the waistcoat, as it is, is very light and would easily turn dirty. Same dark red as the facings? On the other side this touch of beige is very pleasant, and without it the uniform would look drab: what about exchanging the main colors of the coat and the waistcoat?