Wednesday, March 16, 2011

T'other News and an Announcement

Johann Bljorken Decker

It seems our good freinds in Shveden have dispatched a cartographer (Johann Bljorken Decker) with a team of surveyors to more accurately map Hesse Cassoulet and ze Tittanmuff.

To the archives Princess Nana

Talk of the abondoned cannals and roads from the enthusiastic but psychotic rule of Crown Prinz Hoomphrie Beebare von Hessianhesse, who believed the acclaimed scientist Herr Eyesack Neutown could make water flow uphill, has been revived and gradmother, Princess Antoinette Fay (Princess Nan as she is affectionately known), has been put in charge of searching the archives for the plans.

Mad Prince's overgrown canals
The cannals could soon be a useful means of transport for produce, trade items and live stock throughout the lowlands namely the prefectures of Cassoulet, Chardonnay and Bad Shirazgau just as the canals linking Hessiansacken, Oestrich-Winkel and Offenbach. The abandoned roads which which the mad Prince insisted to go over the very tops of the mountain ranges in a straight line (being the shortest route) will now be surveyed to take advantage of the generous passes and valleys of Oestrich-Winkel and Gladbaggenmund.

Bill Peosters

The cost of these works have caused much discussion at the Schlosse but it is agreed that the effort and cost will be amply rewarded. A meeting of interested parties will be held in the Burgers and Merchants Guild Hall next a week from today, to announce the projekt, riders have been sent and the printer William Peoster has been tasked with the making of the flyers and placing them.


  1. A hearty welcome from the Kingdom of Wittenberg

    -- Allan

  2. Three cheers for the Kingdom of Wittemberg hoorah. hoorah. hooraaaaah!