Monday, March 14, 2011

What News?

Today a rider bearing dispatches bought news from Beerstein, amongst other, indicating the College of Honors is to invest Erzherzog Rudolf Dascher Hansuppen II von Hessiansacken hausen into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard! Our Benevolent Landgraf overcome with emotion could not utter reply at first.

Some time elapsed and emotion subsided the Erzherzog, after some discussion with his advisers, has decided to send the celebrated Hessiansacken artist in residence Francios Metrelonge to the Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein for portraiture, at the Erzherzogs expense, as gracious  acknowledgement.

Other news has kept ze Landgrafs closest confidants and Schlosse messengers busy but as yet no word as too what is occupying their minds.

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  1. Reich Duke Wilhelm is most gratified by the Erzherzogs' generous offer to send such a renowned artist to paint a new portrait. Quarters and an active social calendar await Francios upon his arrival...