Friday, March 18, 2011

Query from a friend and the Ginger Prinz

Prinz Xavier, the Ginger Prinz, as he is referred
to for his preference for the Herr's
I had a runner drop of a message from my good friend Herr Schweingutz asking me to supply information as I might glean about the new uniforms for the army, I confess I was somewhat puzzled and confused, for in truth I did not know of any such plans. On further enquiry I found the Erzherzog's older step brother, Prinze Xaver Hansuppen had been sent to mien Herr to source a suitable cut of uniform, present it to the Landgraf and set about equipping the army. Herr Schweingutz will have to employ every tailor and seamstress in the Landgravite, and those neighbouring, to complete such a task but if anyone can do it Der alt Paintenpiggen can. Leather workers and cobblers too are being engaged by the merry Prinz in making accoutrement and I hear now that weapon smiths from the Turkestan and perfidious Albion are making their way to our country. Why was this kept from your chronicler, when the court knows I have ways and means of obtaining all but the most intimate secrets, that assumes I know there is a secret to find


  1. If Prinz Xavier does have lovers, then he is for sure obscenely rich.

  2. A very intriguing -and important- topic indeed!
    Will the Landgraviate be content fielding 'copycats' of the forces of some Great Power(s)? Or will the Might of Hesse-Cassoulet proudly bear flamboyant uniforms of its own?

    Then remember that not so long ago uniforms -of infantry, specially- were far more colorful than they are now: the most senior Spanish Tercios were 'The Violet', 'The Yellow'... Probably for financial reasons this diversity disappeared when uniforms were regulated (and paid for) by the State: hopefully His Benevolence Erzherzog Rudolf Dascher Hansuppen II will not be niggardly when fressing the good men that will fight for him and his glory? Remember also the bewildering palette of Streltsi uniforms, with so many color names evocative of cooking than war: all those '-berries', other fruits (orange, apricot), some spices (cinnamon..), spinach, lime-tree... The dyes are still available.
    While Her Serene Highness Erzherzogin Viktoria Ellen, according to the exoticism of her portrait, would favor 'floral' hues: fuschia, lavender, lilac...
    Then one of your crystal-gazers 'saw' uniform colors of the future, and while part of her gibbering is incomprehensible, the 'RAF blue', 'USAF blue' and 'UN blue' she describes look merrier, less gloomy than the 'Lutheran' dark blue of some contemporary armies....