Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hesse Cassoulet News

The broad sheets and criers are announcing the arrival of a new artillery piece from Eurekasburg the 3lb piece is being considered as a battalion gun and the carriage is said to weigh half that of the pieces currently in use which date from before the rule of the ErbPrinz Hoomphrie Beebare, the mad prince in 1650-80.

Count Wilhelm of
The war between Spongeheim and Schumberg-Lippe has been concluded in Lippe's favour. Our battalions, after a parade in Schumberg Lippe, are to return home after a short period of rest and recuperation in the "County of Schumberg" The elderly Count Wilhelm expressed his thanks though continues to agitate about sharing the Buckeberg mines and representative committee with the County of Schaumberg which of course belongs to Hesse Cassoulet.

Cardinal Rollmop Wholly
Roman Empire  envoy
The Wholly Roman Empire is pleased the war between the Confederation of the Whine Stadt's is bought to successful conclusion. An envoy is on the way to discuss the matter further with the Erzherzog including succession of Schumberg-Lippe, due to a Morganatic marriage, there will be numerous claims and counter claims and possibility of further war. There is also talk The Wholly Roman Empire is not please with our continued taking in of refuges from the Korkases, this policy is one of the Erzherzogs long standing commitments, I cant see him changing it soon.

Herr Schweingutz is soon to complete a prototype uniform for the Court to consider When asked to elaborate on the design Der alt Paintenpiggen (as mien Herr is referred to by friends and foes alike) remained tight lipped and sweating profusely collapsed into a soft divan chair.

New recuits
The Swedish cartographer and his team of surveyors and draughtsmen make good time with their drafting of maps and soon will start on the problem of the abandoned canals and roads.

 New recruits have been gathered in Minden and are due to be dispatched to Hesse Cassoulet within days, according to dispatches from chief of recruitment in Minden Herr Franz Ammond.

It is reported Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein has warmly welcomed Hesse Cassoulet Court artist Francois Metrelong in Kronenberg. The nobles of Beerstein seem keen to see his work and rumour of commissions is rife.

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  1. "Herr Schweingutz is soon to complete a prototype uniform for the Court to consider."
    The Palace artist F.L. Funcken and several assistants are hurrying up to reach Hesse-Cassoulet in time for the official premiere of the new uniforms.
    Then they are expected to go to Estria for the next Military Fashion Show.
    We are holding our breath in expectation.