Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Landmilitz Uniform

Der alt Paintpiggen has delivered the first of his uniforms. After much consultation with court insiders and the Graf of the province he has delivered the Muchenteabags Landmilitz battalion uniform. All Landmilitz uniforms will be of similar cut with facing, waistcoat, and in some instances coat colour variations.

Visit Herr Schweingutzens if you require details. Not a good likeness I'm afraid will paint a better one in the morning.


  1. Very good-looking! Almost too much for militia?
    Then... looks like an Eureka 'Sandra', or are my eyes fooling me?

  2. Looks like a frau to me, came as a sample from Eureka but Im damned if I can find it in the cattledog.

    It is a real syw uniform, but Im not telling, you guys will have to guess.


  3. Legion Britannique, 4th bnt?

    For some reason the 'all-female SYW' "Sandra" range does not appear on the Eureka website (which is a pain in the paintpot to explore, anyway). Range 'on hold' for years, unfortunately.

  4. Remember that the Sandra range (look at what is still to be produced!) introduced navel wargaming to another period than the 'chainmail bikini' one!

  5. thanks guys.

    He's a sweet isnt she, 1st battalion Slopshire Ladyboys.


  6. The Sandras do have codes, and the codes are:

    100AOR80, "Princess Sandra's Infantry" (four variants).
    100AOR81, "Princess Sandra's Infantry Command."
    100AOR82, "Princess Sandra's Artillerists" (four variants).

    An email to Nic will do the trick.

    Usually in the US, you can actually even find the figures _listed_ by Rob; look under the "Age of Reasaon" line. ;-) If you don't find them listed, it could be Rob is OoS, but an email to him should clear that up as well. Best wishes.