Wednesday, February 01, 2012

NEWS - H-K artillerists practising their drills & new scoop

The residents of the ancient H-K capitol Kassel-Olat were woken from their mid afternoon slumbers by much yelling and shouting coming from the artillery parade grounds.  The latest recruits were being put through their drills before heading here to Uppendufsk for final fitting out and then on to their barracks in the Raugraviate von ze Tittenmuff. Eyewitnesses report the yelling and shouting were soon added to by cannon fire and much jeering and cheering by the residents of Kassel-Olat. Some quick sketches in pastels by a talented local artist are shown the scene.

A new draft of men for the Hesse-Kassoulet Dragoon Carabiniers has taken place in Bad Baden, this is the first new intake of men for the constabulary for some time. Reports of banditry are becoming more common and this with rumours of the cross and through trade being caught up in a merchants war makes keeping the canals and trade roads open critical.

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The latest gossip from Kassel-Olat was the appearance of two recruits in an uniform not seen before, the gossiprazzi say they are recruits of the Erzherzogin Viktoria Ellen Guard Infantry which arrived in Hesse-Kassoulet a fortnight ago! They are there to escort the artillerist to the Tittanmuff barracks, where the Erz V. E. Guard Infantry have been training in seclusion.


  1. Nice work, who manufactures the female gun crew and marching musketeers ?

    -- Allan

  2. Thanks Tidders, /reminds me I must get something organised for the Who's Who. Eureka Miniatures make these lil darling's tell him I sent you if you buy something, I'll squeeze a spotter discount out of him yet!

  3. Eureka (officiously known as) 'Sandra' range.
    Known for introducing 'navel wargaming' (so familiar to Fantasy players) to the Lace Wars era.
    Though I confess I never saw one so... daringly painted: summer dress? Painters generally interpret the raised line at the top of the thigh as a crease of the breech cloth....

  4. Nice work!
    (did someone get dressed in a hurry?)

  5. Thank you gentlemen, your welcome to join me for spring manouvres!

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  7. A very interesting depiction of the summer and winter uniforms of the Erzherzogin Guard; the latter is no doubt very practical, and think of the saving to the exchequer. I daresay that such sartorial splendour will have a deleterious effect upon the enemy's performance of his duty, none being willing to obscure such an outlook with the smoke of their own musketry... Or something.

    1. Ahh you see through the Inhabers cunning plans, and really, if you were confronted by a lovely frau in her knickers would you stick her with a bayonet? Somehow that doesn't quite read right? 8-]